Hydro Excavation in New Jersey

For almost 20 years, Rogers Hydro Vac has been handling hydro excavation across the Garden State. Located in Pennsylvania, only a few miles from the New Jersey border, Rogers uses the latest technology available to get the job done. With one of the largest fleets of hydro vacuum trucks in the Northeast, we have the tools and manpower needed for any type of project. Large or small, we’re here to help!

Why Should You Use Hydro Excavation in New Jersey?

Any project that requires excavation poses a risk to not only the underground infrastructure, but to your employees and to the environment. Workers put their lives in danger every time they need to dig a trench, causing on the job injuries and sometimes death.

But this can all be avoided by using our hydro vac services. Using high pressure water and a vacuum, the device cuts through the ground soil without the need of shoveling or using a backhoe. The broken up soil is then lifted up through the use of the vacuum and is transported to the debris tank on the truck. The soil is then disposed outside the work area, leaving a clean hole.

Other reasons to choose hydro excavation in New Jersey include:

  • Speed: hydrovac is much quicker than traditional methods.
  • Contained: Instead of creating a large, messy hole, hydro excavation is clean and keeps everything contained into one specific location.
  • Effective: Most types of soil can easily be removed with potholing.
  • What Applications are Best for Hydro Vac Services?

    Hydro excavation is the perfect tool to use for the following applications in New Jersey:

    • If you’re looking to install pipes and cables underground, a trenching would be an ideal solution.
    • Excavation can always be tricky with the current underground infrastructure. All it takes is one shovel to hit an underground line and cause extensive damage. But hydro evac can easily cut through the soil and reach the lines without doing any damage.
    • During the winter, our trucks have boilers that will heat the water to easily cut through the frozen ground. So, there is no need to worry about the soil being too frozen to work!
    • If you’re working in a tight space, our hydro excavation trucks can work remotely to eliminate any unnecessary congestion at the site.

    Rogers Hydro Vac Services Can Help

    Since 2003, Rogers Hydro Vac Services has been providing hydro excavation and industrial vacuum services throughout the East Coast. Our trucks use the nation’s most advanced technology available. We own and manage one of the largest fleets in the Northeast.

    If you need hydro excavation services for your industrial project in New Jersey, we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information.

    Key Hydro Excavator Features:

    • Collector Body – 12.5 Cubic Yards
    • Vacuum Blower – 5,400 CFM by 28” HG Vacuum
    • Fresh Water Tank – 1,200 Gallons
    • Water Pump – 19 GPM by 2,900 PSI (Adjustable to any lower PSI)
    • Vacuum on Filtration – Wet or Dry – Single Mode

    Rogers Services Technology

    • Excavate 90’ Deep (So far, but we are sure we can go deeper)
    • Excavate Remote 500’ from truck
    • Excavate in congested or sensitive areas
    • Excavate where overheard restrictions exist
    • Minimize ground disturbance
    • Eliminate damage to underground infrastructure & delays due to damage.
    Vacuum Excavation