Remote Excavation

What is Remote Excavation?

On some projects, you’re working in a tight space. Your employees have barely any room to move around, let alone fit all your work equipment into the area. When this is the case, it’s easier to have the excavation work done from afar instead of adding another truck to an already crowded area.

Fortunately, Rogers Hydro Vac Services excavation trucks can handle the work remotely without the need to be at the worksite. Our vacuum excavation trucks can reach over 500 feet away from the work site, eliminating congestion at the site.

How Remote Excavation Works

Just like air or hydro excavation, remote excavation uses high pressure water or air to remove the debris and create a hole for work to be done underground. Instead of being at the worksite, the vacuum truck is parked further away from the job site and a long hose is used instead to access the space.

The Benefits of Our Remote Excavation Services

The main reason to use remote excavation is to avoid adding any additional equipment at an already tight or hard-to-reach work location. But there are other benefits to remote excavation as well.

Our remote excavation services can eliminate the impact or damages to the actual site once the project is completed and the environment needs to be restored to its original condition. No more tire tracks and disturbed earth from our trucks!

In addition, it can be used when the ground surface at the excavation site becomes unstable. In cases such as this, the additional weight from our vacuum trucks could easily cause more damage to the area.

How Rogers Hydro Vac Services Can Help

Since 2003, Rogers Hydro Vac Services has been providing hydro excavation and industrial vacuum services throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and throughout the East Coast. With one of the largest fleets in the Northeast, our trucks use the nation’s most advanced technology available. You can depend on Rogers Hydro Vac to get the job done quickly, professionally, and accurately the first time.

If you need remote excavation services for your industrial project, we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information.