Air Excavation Services

What is Air Excavation?

Also known as dry excavation, air excavation uses compressed air to break apart the soil into small pieces. The truck-mounted vacuum will then suck up the soil particles into a debris tank to be disposed of later.

Air excavation uses air compression and an Air Spade to give the power needed to move heavy materials or clumps of soil needed to dig. The air space is powered by air compression, eliminating the use of picks, shovels, and backhoes.

The Difference Between Dry Excavation and Hydro Excavation

Although the results are similar, air excavation differs from hydro excavation, which uses high-pressure water to clear away the soil. In both cases, the displaced soil is vacuumed into the debris tank on the truck for disposal later on.

Dry excavation can be slower than hydro excavation because the debris that is picked up by the vacuum can be used to refill the hole. Hydro excavation, however, is the quicker option but the material cannot be reused once it’s cleared away.

Why Use Air Excavation?

Excavation methods can be damaging to the environment and endanger the safety of your workers. It can also cause expensive damage to the infrastructure hidden underneath the ground, causing gas leaks and electrical issues. All it takes is a pick or backhoe to hit a utility line and there will be a serious issue.

These issues do not apply with air excavation. In fact, air excavation is not only environmentally safe but can protect workers from harm. Here are some benefits of dry excavation:

  • It’s faster than excavating with a shovel or pick
  • Eliminates any sharp, metal edges from endangering the underground utilities
  • Excavating rocky soil easier than using a shovel
  • Breaks the soil into smaller pieces to easily fill the hole back in once the job is complete
  • Perfect for potholing projects where a shovel or backhoe is unable to fit or reach

How Rogers Hydro Vac Services Can Help

Rogers Hydro Vac Services has been providing air excavation services in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and throughout the East Coast since 2003. We not only own and manage one of the largest fleets in the Northeast, but our trucks use the nation’s most advanced technology available to get the job done.

If you need air excavation services for your industrial project, we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information.