What Are Pellets Used for in Hydro Excavation?

When hydro excavation is done at a construction site, a wood product is used to absorb any excess water during excavations. The wood products, called pellets, are used to solidify the hydro excavation slurry, allowing for a more controlled disposal site. The dried sawdust in the pellets absorbs the water used onsite and turns liquid waste into a movable spoil. With the now-dried spoil, it allows workers to easily haul away the waste and dump it at a waste disposal facility offsite.

Rogers Hydro Vac Services only uses a virgin hardwood pellet that is free of contaminants. These all-natural pellets are ideal for fast absorption and are best suited for disposing waste while leaving a small eco footprint. With our hardwood pellets, workers can spread the spoil out evenly onsite as an organic top cover to regrow grass without the need to wait for strawing and seeding. This reduces the time needed to manage the site after the job is completes.

Why Rogers Hydro Vac for Your Hydro Excavation Needs?

For almost 20 years, Rogers Hydro Vac has been helping utility and industrial companies throughout the East Coast with their hydro vac needs. With one of the largest fleets of hydro excavation trucks in the Northeast, we have the technology, the manpower, and the experience you need for your job. Either simple or complex, we’ll get you the results you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in learning more about our air or hydro vacuum excavation services, we’re here to help. Contact Rogers Hydro Vac Services today to learn more about our services.

What Makes Us Better

  • One of the largest vacuum excavator fleets of the most powerful in hydro excavation service trucks for the northeast
  • Experienced staff. Our operators have years of experience.
  • We first hydro excavated in 2008 & we have not damaged a single in our history. We are proud of this accomplishment and continue our safety tradition every day.
  • Our EMR safety rating is 0.819. This shows our excellent safety record.
Rogers Services only uses a virgin hardwood pellet which is free of contaminants