What is Trenching?

Trenching is a commonly used excavation procedure for digging ditches in the ground before installation of pipelines, conduits, or cables. Usually used for utility line installation, a trench is cut by the use of shovels or heavy machinery until it forms a narrow length below the surface. The hole itself is generally deeper than it is wide.

Trenching using traditional means can be hazardous to both the underground infrastructure and to the workers who work in the trench once the trench is dug. Not only is it dangerous, it is also time consuming. Using either machines or workers takes time and money, requires more physical work, and can cause damage to the surrounding landscape.

Fortunately, hydro excavation provides a safer, quicker, and cost-effective solution.

The Benefits of Slot Trenching With Hydro Excavation

With the use of high-pressure water, our hydro excavation equipment can dig a thin, accurate trench that will need a minimum amount of backfill once the job is complete.

There are many benefits to slot trenching with hydro excavation methods, such as:

The Environment is Protected

Using large, noisy machines to remove debris can be laborious and time consuming. Not only can it cost you money, it can also damage the environment. Manual trenching methods are unable to create a narrow trench with just enough room for a utility line. Instead, more dirt is removed from the landscape, which can damage the environment.

But with hydrovac, the high-pressure water can easily make a trench just thin enough to fit the pipes without removing too much of the dirt and damaging the environment.

Existing Utilities Won’t Be Damaged

Since machines or manual digging are not as accurate as hydro excavation, they can easily damage existing underground utility lines. This can cost money to replace the lines.

Fortunately, hydro excavation is not only extremely accurate, but since it only uses water, there is no danger of damaging existing utilities.

Backfilling is Minimized

Because of the pressurized water, hydro excavation can remove thin layers of soil for a more accurate sized trench. And since minimal backfilling will be needed once the job is finished, the job will be done quicker.

Hydro Excavation is Safer

And finally, without the need of workers entering the trench to manually dig the trench, their lives will not be endangered by possible cave-ins.

Rogers Hydro Vac Services Can Help

Since 2003, Rogers Hydro Vac Services has been providing hydro excavation and industrial vacuum services throughout PennsylvaniaNew YorkNew Jersey, and throughout the East Coast. Our trucks use the nation’s most advanced technology available. We own and manage one of the largest fleets in the Northeast.

If you need hydro excavation services for your trenching project, we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information.

Some Examples include:

  • Gas Main Lines
  • Water Main Lines
  • Telephone Lines